Razmatattz is Moving!

I have an announcement!

Razmatattz is moving. That's right. We're leaving Michigan and moving to the blue grass state. Belton, Kentucky will be our new home and my base of operations.


I will be doing a few events this summer before the big move begins in September.


So I will not be booking any events in Michigan from August 11th on as I have the Sand Lake Festival in National City and the Ogemaw County Fair as my last official events this year in Michigan before the chaos of packing and moving begins.


I may be able to squeeze a couple of events in until then, but most of my Saturdays as well as a couple of weeks are booked up.


Thank you to all of those I have had as clients and those I have served in Michigan.


I may be back next year in August for a couple of events that I love to do and to get some Michigan time. I still like our current state. It's been my home all my life until now.


God bless, Dawn



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