Tips for a Successful Event with Enchanted Phoenix

Thank you very much for booking an event with Enchanted Phoenix Face and Airbrush Art. I am looking forward to creating wonderful works of art on you and your guests.


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Tips for a successful experience at your event for both of us:


My goal is to have a fun event with your guests and make the experience a wonderfully memorable one for you as well. So in order to make that happen here are some ways you can help us to do that.



Pre-Arrival: It’s good to be prepared!



1) What! I didn’t know that my children would be painted/ tattooed! Just in case there are guests that don’t want their children to be painted/ tattooed, it would be a good idea to let them know ahead of the event that you are providing this service so they can be prepared. It’s always nice to have a heads up.



2) A happy atmosphere means happy guests! Having a place for me to set up with room for a line before I arrive means that I start on time and get as many people through my line as possible before I have to leave. My workspace area will need to be a minimum of 6’ x 6’ feet. If it is outdoors, shelter from the weather and sun for myself and my supplies and equipment is a MUST. Because I use liquids like water and inks (airbrushing) the temperature of my work area must be above 40 degrees in order to be able to use them. Temps of over 85 degrees can also make it hard to use my supplies. I am sure your guests would appreciate being comfortable as well. If I am doing anything airbrush I will need a power source.



3) Excuse me? I can’t hear you. :( If you are using a sound system, please locate me at a distance from the speakers, and dance area if any, so that I can hear and talk to your guests and have room for a line. I will also need sufficient lighting so I can see to make those wonderful works of art on your guests.



4) Park and Pay. Don’t forget to send me a parking pass or ticket if your event is being held somewhere that requires these things if I have not already been reimbursed for them in the contracted amount.



Arrival: Let’s get this party started on time!



1) I’m here! I want to make sure I can be all set up on time so we can get the fun started. I will arrive to your event at least 30 to 45 minutes early, unless other arrangements have been made, and be set up and ready to paint at the time agreed. Please ensure that I can get as close as possible to the set up location, since I will have to unload and bring in my equipment. That way I can get to as many of your guests, if not all of them, that I can and you won’t have to worry about overage fees.



2) One less thing to worry about! To take one more responsibility off your shoulders and to help both of us not forget, when I arrive to set up, please have the balance of your payment ready, if you haven’t already paid in full before your event, so that there will be no delays in rendering my services.



3) All set up! Once I am set up, I will start at the contracted time. A little note: if you need me to move once set up, it could result in delaying the contracted time which means not everyone will get painted or extra charges if I can stay past my time. So make sure I am in the spot you want me to be by the start of my time.



During the Event: Happy guests make a great event!


We want happy guests at your event! In order to keep things running smoothly and to get as many guests as possible through the line so as not to disappoint anyone if we can help it, here are some guidelines I have set up that to do just that:


1) Working equipment and supplies. Please help me by monitoring your guests. Folks have a tendency to be fascinated by my kit, but as I have well over $2000-5,000 invested in it, I cannot allow guests to handle, use, or damage it. So I need to have a “hands off” policy for my kit and its contents as well as my displays. It isn’t something either of us would like to have happen, but if it were to occur due to a guests conduct, I will require payment for any damages to my equipment and supplies. Again, if this is something you do not wish to do, let me know with as much advance notice as possible and I will add a line manager for an extra charge.



2) Safe and healthy guests are happy guests! I am sure you like to be healthy and so do your guests. To help all of us stay happy and healthy, I have a no Illness policy. I WILL NOT paint the face or skin of anyone that has the signs and symptoms of illness or skin problems if it comes to my attention. For safety reasons, I WILL NOT paint anyone who is crying, cannot or refuses to sit still, is violent or abusive.  Because of sensitive skin, children under 3 will be painted at the parent/guardian’s approval and risk. I can paint on children’s arms or legs in lieu of the face. Just thought I would let you know in case a guest complains.



3) Keep the line moving! In order to keep the line moving, I try to stick to the designs/ style of designs I bring with me. Requests can take up time for other guests.



4) When this happens, nobody’s happy.  Do you like being around people that are rude, demeaning, demanding, destructive or violent? Yeah, me neither. It isn’t often that I have come across this, but I have heard about it at other people’s events, so in order to keep myself, my artists, my helpers, and my supplies and equipment safe, I have to state in the contract that I or any of my artists or helpers reserve the right to pack up and leave without refunding any monies in the event of extreme working conditions which have been brought to my client’s attention and are continuing to happen. This includes, but is not limited to; violence, extreme inappropriate behavior of either a child, pet or adult, illegal activities or otherwise dangerous or damaging conditions, such as acts of God or weather.



5) Must. Keep. Painting! Who would want disappointed guests? Not me, and I bet you don’t either. So, if you have other entertainment planned, please continue to allow guests to be painted/tattooed during it. Another suggestion would be to have the entertainment before or after my contracted time unless it is something that they can leave and go back to. Please ask guests to let the unpainted  go before they get a second one, unless of course there is no one waiting.



At the end of my contracted time: It’s been fun, but gotta run!



1) Parting is such sweet sorrow.  It’s always sad to say farewell, but farewell it must be. Please know that I may not be able to stay past the end of the contracted time for your event. I may have another event booked after yours or personal obligations to attend.  It is very important that I adhere to the start and finish times we have agreed to in your contract. You may also want to review the times of your event to make sure that you have chosen enough time to get all your guests through if possible. Let me know far enough in advance if you would like to add more time, and if it is possible to do so. It would be sad to have additional guests show up just in time for…. The End.


It is helpful to let guests know before your event when my times to paint are or they may not get a chance to be painted/ tattooed. There is nothing worse than disappointed guests. I will also have a sign at my spot to help with that. Hey, on the bright side – if I do have the time, you are always welcome to contract me for additional time at the rate in the contract. J I do require payment before continuing to save us the trouble of waiting until I am done so you can just let me go on my way.



2) Payback! If you liked my services, there is nothing better for me as an artist to know I’ve been appreciated. There are two ways you can do that. 1) Let others know about my services. I have business cards on hand so just ask and I can give you some to hand out. 2) Go to your client page and leave me a review I can use to let others know that you loved my services. The link is in the email I sent you for your contract. If you don’t have it, you can always email me. Photos are great too! Gratuities (aka “tips”) are always appreciated if you like my work, but never expected. I will not ask your guests for tips unless it was originally stated in your contract.



Can’t wait to Paint! See you there!


Thanks for Stopping By!

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