• Enchanted Phoenix Face and Airbrush Art (EPFAA) is fully insured.
  • Face  paints, glitter, and airbrush body paints/inks used have been designed for use on the skin.
  • As with cosmetics, some people may develop a sensitivity to one of the ingredients. If you or your child has skin sensitivities, is allergic to coconut oil, red dye, or other, please discuss this with the artist well before you or your child is painted.
  • EPFAA artists will not paint anyone, who in the opinion of the said artist, appear to be:
    • Ill: cold sores, conjunctivitis (pink eye), infectious skin issues, rash, open wounds/ sores, runny nose, coughing, fever, head lice, etc.
      • If you know that your child has had a fever in the last 24 hours, PLEASE skip getting painted.
    • Afraid: If your child is crying, kicking, screaming, or wiggly, or is afraid, it is best to skip getting painted and try when they are in a calmer manner for their safety and well being.
  • EPFAA does it's best to keep a clean kit and reduce the spread of illness by cleaning and disinfecting equipment and supplies, as well as using product that contains ingredients that inhibit bacterial growth.
  • Age Restrictions:
    • Face painting: Children 6 mos. to adult.
      • Warning: Children under 2 years of age have very sensitive skin, especially on the face, so only small, simple designs will be done if a parent absolutely requests it. It might be best to put designs on arms or legs instead.
    • Airbrush tattoos: Ages 6 mos. to adult.
      • Only on the body, and only if the child is willing to be sprayed.
  • Overtime:
    • I may be able to stay later at your event if I do not have another engagement after yours.
    • An overtime form must be filled out and payment arrangements made to extend contracted time.
    • It is best to book enough time when contracting EPFAA's services before the event to prevent a lapse in painting.
    • The overtime rate will be equal to the rate originally contracted for.
  • Working Conditions:
    • Weather:
      • Face paint and airbrush ink are heat and cold sensitive. (So are the artists and your guests! :) The best temperature range for these types of services is 45 - 85 degrees. Anything colder and airbrush ink won't flow, and paints and water will freeze. Too hot and face paint may be goopy and hard to use.
      • Direct sunlight can damage stencils and damage paint, and can be harmful for artists to work under. It is also uncomfortable for guests standing in line.
      • As such, protection from weather and sun is a must have to be able to perform said services.
    • Dangerous conditions:
      • If the host or guests act in any manner that is violent, inappropriate, demeaning, or dangerous towards the artist, they have the right to pack up and leave with full payment before the end of the contracted time.
      • If any of the the artists property is damaged or removed without permission, the client will be held responsible for replacement or repair of said property.
  • The artist performing at the event reserves the right to refuse to paint designs on parts of the body they are not comfortable painting, as well as any requested designs that they are not comfortable painting, find offensive, demeaning, obscene, defy good taste or may be copyrighted.


See Terms and Conditions for more detailed info.


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