Booking an Event

It's easy to book an event with Enchanted Phoenix Face and Airbrush Art! Your guests will be glad you did. 


1. Fill out a booking quote form:


2. Once I have received your form, I will contact you by your proffered method of contact to discuss the best options for your event and the rates for those options.

3. Once we've finalized the details of your event and you have decided to book with me, I will invoice you via email. EPFAA requires a 50% retainer's fee, to be paid within 7 business days of booking your event, to hold the date and time exclusively for you. Your date will be booked when I the retainer's fee has been paid.

4. Balance of monies due can be taken care of in one of 3 ways:

  • Pay in full before the event. You can do this on your client page, pay by pay pal, or pay in person by cash or company check if you are local.
  • Upon arrival at the event. Payment must be made in cash or by company check if arranged at the time of booking. Payment will be expected before the artist sets up.
  • Corporate or organizations can make payment arrangements at the time of booking. 

5. Cancellation policy

I understand life happens. If something comes up and you must cancel my services, please do so as soon as possible. I will  go over my cancellation policy with you during the booking process, but please note, that as your date and time has been reserved exclusively for your event so that no one else may book it, the retainer's fee is non-refundable.


Tips for booking

How far in advance you should book me.

As far as you can.

Especially for the summer as I book up with fairs and festivals. Several months is great! 4 weeks is good, but if I am open I can do 1 or 2 weeks out. If you want to book me close to your date, I may not have the date you wish available and if I do, you must be able to pay the retainer's fee online or bring it to me if you are local immediately, or your event date/ time will not be saved for you.


As the client, this is what I need from you.

  • A space to work. My work area requires at least 6' x 6' area that is protected from the weather. Beyond that, there will most likely be a line, so a place for people to line up that won't block doorways or important areas is best. If there is a DJ, please put me in a noticeable place that isn't too near the speakers as I won't be able to hear your guests talking to me and vice versa. Good lighting is a plus as well so that I can do a good job on the guests.
  • If the event is outside, I must have shelter from sun and weather. Direct sunlight or precipitation will damage my supplies and cook me and your guests, or make us miserable if it rains. Wind can be another factor as well as it blows hair around. You can provide it, or for an additional fee, I can.
  • If you have requested anything airbrush, I will need access to electricity for my compressor. A regular outlet will do. I have extension cords, but you might want to place me within 50' of an outlet.
  • Other than a space, shelter, and possibly electricity, that's it. I provide all the paints and supplies, a place to set them on, chairs, displays, everything I need to do my work.

It is helpful to and appreciated by the artist if they can unload as close to the place where you want them to set up.


Quick overview of what happens the day of the event

Arrival: 30-45 minutes before the contracted time, unless other arrangements were made at the time of booking. During this time we will take care of payment in full if payment has not been made before this time so that is one less thing you will have to worry about on your busy day.


Once payment has been made, the artist will set up and paint at the start of the contracted time.


When the contracted time is up, the artist (or line manager if one is contracted) will end the line, pack up and leave their space in the condition it was in when they arrived before set up. (Please note: if guests arrive late, or more guests arrive than time was planned for, they may not get painted, so be sure to book enough time and let your guests know ahead of your event.)


If time runs short and you want to extend my time, I may or may not be able to depending on my obligations after your event. See the policies page for more details.

To make a memorable experience at your event...

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