Face Painting






Add something special to your next event!

Entertain your guests with face painting.

Using only professional grade face paints and safe for the face products,

I can turn your guests into works of art.


Everyone from kids to adults love to get their faces painted.

I have many designs to choose from and I can theme my designs to your event.

Need the artist to wear a special outfit, costume or match you theme? I can work with that too.


Face painting lasts about a day depending on how it's taken care of.


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Removal and Care Instructions


Face paints come off very easily.

It will come off and/ or smear if wet

It is not recommended to be slept in as it could come off and stain clothing or sheets.


For the best removal results:


Using a mild liquid soap, rub soap into face make up, but be careful around eyes!

Let it sit for 30 seconds

Using a soft wet rag (use warm water), gently wipe away the make up

Repeat as necessary


Clothing tip:

If face paint should get on clothing: soak with cold water overnight with an oxygen activated stain remover before washing normally.

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