Fairs and Festivals


These are some of my fave events. I get to meet so many people this way. If you are having some kind of large event to the public, why not add entertainment that will show your guests, visitors and patrons you value their participation.


Offer these services to them as a courtesy from your organization and it is one more great memory to bring them back and invite their friends and family too.


Pictures of happily painted and tattooed people make for great advertising.


 For large events of over 5,000 people, please contact me to discuss one of two ways that will benefit us both to have me entertain at your event.

Pics are of past events. Set ups are subject to change.

Multiple Services


Want More?


Contact me for pricing on multiple services and multiple days.


Please note:

Clients are  responsible to make sure to provide the artist with any parking pass or entry fees if your event is at a place that requires it.


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