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Just about anybody loves face and body art. Bring in customers and clients by offering fun entertainment like mine. Show how much you appreciate your employees, customers, visitors and guests. Make a statement for clients at trade shows and conventions. These types of events are great for...

Fairs and Festivals

These are some of my fave events. I get to meet so many people this way. If you are having some kind of large event to the public, why not add entertainment that will...

"We love hiring Dawn Nelsey (formerly Razmatattz) for face painting at our events. Dawn is always prompt and professional. Her contracts are clear and you always know what to expect. The designs that she comes up with are beautiful and creative. She does a fabulous job of fitting the themes we set for our events. Our visitors are always happy with the way their faces when she is done. We've never heard anything but raving compliments from our guests. We will definitely be using her for our future events."
~ Lumbermans Monument




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