Airbrush Tattoos





Tattoos are all the rage, but some people may not want a real one, they might just want to try one out, or maybe they are too young to get one. Whatever the reason, airbrush tattoos have great appeal.


Why not offer this fun type of entertainment to your guests at your next event?


They last for days and are water friendly.



I offer two types of airbrush tattoos:


Regular Airbrush Designs

Pro Tattoo Designs

Got Questions?

Removal and Care Instructions


Airbrush tattoos last for days depending on how you care for them.


Can get wet

Let dry for at least 2 hours before getting wet

Do not rub the design

Do not lay wet clothing or towels on them

Do not use oils, rubbing alcohol, lotions, sprays, etc on them

Do not shave over the design

Pat dry with a towel

When dry, before going to bed, or getting up, put a little baby powder on them

 NOTE: Drinking alcoholic beverages could diminish the length of a tattoo as the inks are alcohol reactive and will probably come off quicker.


For the best removal results:


Use 70% rubbing alcohol or baby oil to remove

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