What Can Hiring Professional Entertainment Do For Your Event?

Today I would like to share with you how a professional entertainer can help your event.

Here you are, planning your event.

You have great ideas.

You are putting a lot of time and effort into making it what you hope will be great.

You are probably even now imagining how you want things to go this year. You can see all the people coming and enjoying your event. In fact, you visualize them coming back again and again, telling more people about the wonderful time they had. I am sure you are seeing in your mind's eye, next year growing even bigger!



I also know, that you know, that a great way to get people talking about your event is to have entertainment. You are probably already planning out your entertainment because, you get it. Entertainment is one of those things that people love, that gets them talking about your event. Face painting, glitter tattoos and airbrush face painting/tattoos are definitely forms of entertainment that does that. I am sure you know that too, as you are here reading this post. I am always approached by planners and parents looking for something to do at their events because people know that these type of services create happy, smiling people and that brings in more happy, smiling people. It's one more way to make your event shine!


As I am sure you know, putting on an event is not easy. It takes time and commitment. Creating something great takes excellence to pull off.  Because of that, I know you want great entertainment. And as you have probably found out, that kind of entertainment is not cheap. You have already put all that time and effort into planning. Why in the world would you want your event to be anything other than GREAT?

Yet, I see it time after time. Event planners skimping on the entertainment to save money. They hire someone cheap or get volunteers to do it.
That would be fine if you wanted it to be so-so or OK. Not so for GREAT! You want an event that will WOW the people attending enough to say, "Oh.my.gosh! We have to come back next year!" You want them to tell their family and friends and so on, turning your event, into THE EVENT! The greatest advertising ever is word of mouth... just sayin'.


So why am I urging you to get great entertainment? Because I want to see your event SUCCEED! I want you to hire a great entertainer such as myself so we both benefit. People are happy, people promote your event, your attendance goes up, I get to make people smile, I get paid, and we all win!



Benefits of hiring a professional entertainer:

(such as myself)


Here is what hiring a professional entertainer, in my case, a professional body artist, (remember, people love looking great!) does for you and your event:


You get:

  • Great entertainment. In my case, wonderful works of art on your guests; a definite draw. Put pics of smiling painted and/or tattooed people on your website and literature and it will get people excited to come to your event, especially if you tell them it's free for them. Get some testimonials and Voila!
  • Insured entertainment. A professional entertainer should be insured. It takes the pressure off you and gives you a feeling of peace to know that if something unexpected happens, there is a policy in place to handle it.
  • Safety and health. As a professional I use quality, safe, skin products and equipment for the well being of your guests. I also practice good hygiene to help keep down the spread of nasties.
  • Skill. Because I take classes and learn from some of the best in my industry, I can create works of art on your guests transforming them into all kinds of neat things like dinosaurs, butterflies, tigers etc. and make people feel great about themselves.
  • An atmosphere that people love. As a professional, I want to make your guests smile. Sad faces are not on my agenda. Unfortunately you can't please everyone, but I try my hardest to give your guests a great experience by treating them with respect and honor.
  • Last but not least, peace of mind and saved time. You are already working hard and spending tons of time making your event a success. The last thing you want to do is to look for and purchase appropriate products and supplies (which can be costly), clean up and store said supplies, (I provide everything but the space, I clean up all my stuff and make sure my area is as good if not better than when I came.)  round up, train and babysit volunteers who may not even show up or will cancel at the last minute, not to mention worrying if your guests are being attended to because volunteers are talking among themselves or on their phones. 

As you can see, a professional entertainer can do a lot for your event.

Now don't those benefits outweigh the costs? If they don't seem to right now, they probably will later.


So now it's up to you. It's your choice. 


Do you want your event to be just OK, or do you want it to be GREAT and give your guests an experience they soon won't forget?


I hope you want to have a GREAT one and that you will allow me to be a part in making it a success.



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